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Navy League Memphis Scholarship Program Update - Spring 2013

The Memphis Council of the Navy League of the United States presented Navy League Scholarship awards for the Spring 2013 semester to four students enrolled in the Mid-South Region Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program at The University of Memphis and The University of Mississippi on Tuesday, March 19 and Thursday, March 21, 2013. Awardees included MIDN 3/C (HM2) Benjamin H. Winters, University of Memphis ($1250 award), MIDN 3/C Clara C. Barnes, University of Memphis ($1250 award), MIDN 4/C Michael W. Parker, University of Memphis ($1000 award), and MIDN 4/C Marvin J. Hughes, University of Mississippi ($1000 award).  Presenting the awards was CDR Timothy L. Ferree, USN (Ret.), Chairman of the Memphis NL Scholarship Committee.

The Memphis Council Navy League NROTC Scholarship Program was established in the Fall of 2005.

Designed to support up to six students per calendar year, it provides financial support for students in their first and second year of undergraduate education and officer training.

This unique program is intended to support students who desire to receive their officer commission in the U.S. Navy or U.S. Marine Corps, but were not initially selected for national scholarship programs.

The Navy League scholarship acts as a “bridge” that provides a portion of their financial support as they strive to be selected for a national scholarship program as a result of their program performance.   


To be eligible for consideration, students must demonstrate and maintain high scholastic, leadership aptitude and physical fitness performance and be recommended by their NROTC Program Administrators.

Freshmen were initially awarded $500 per semester.  That was increased to $750 in Spring 2011 and further increased to $1000 in Spring 2012.

Upperclassmen were initially awarded $750 per semester.  That was increased to $1000 in Spring 2011 and further increased to $1250 in Spring 2012.


Numerous fundraising events are held throughout the year to support this program and the training and development of future Navy and Marine Corps officers produced by the NROTC program.


Here are some facts about the program results to date (including Spring 2013 awardees):

1.  35 distinct students have been awarded one (or multiple) scholarships.

2.  22 students are currently in the NROTC program or have been commissioned.

3.  8 students have been commissioned as officers in the USN (2) and USMC (6) since the program began.

4.  12 students continue to pursue their degrees and officer commission at Memphis, Christian Brothers and Ole Miss, and 1 has transferred to USNA. 

     Of the 12 students currently in training, 6 are on national scholarships or special programs and 6 students will be considered for national scholarship programs this year.

5.  A total of $35,500 in scholarships has been awarded since the program was established in Fall 2005.

Program Statistics for 8 Years:  Fall 2005-Spring 2013

Awardees 35 100%

Commissioned 8 23%

On Track for Commission 12 34%

Alternate Commission Program 2 6%


(Commissioned/Commissioning) 22 63%

No longer in Programs 13 37%

Navy League Scholarship Committee Chairman Tim Ferree stands with (l to r) MIDN 3/C (HM2) Benjamin Winters ($1250), MIDN 4/C Michael Parker ($1000), and MIDN 3/C Clara Barnes ($1250) of the University of Memphis after awarding them scholarships for the Spring Semester 2013.   Also receiving a scholarship was University of Mississippi MIDN 4/C Marvin Hughes ($1000), not pictured.